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FIVE CONTINENTS (FC) PLASTICS would like to send you our warmest greetings and wish for your prosperous development. FC Plastics Jsc. Run the business in manufacturing high quality CaCO3 filler masterbatch (PP,PE) serving domestic and export markets. CaCO3 powder _ main ingredient of our filler product is taken from best raw material exploited in Quy Hop District, Nghe An province where the CaCO3 whiteness is ranked as best in Vietnam. FC Plastics is formed by 5-experienced members in CaCO3 powder and plastic industries who help us to creat formulation with the best suitable quality to meet the diversified demand of customers. As shown logo design, we would like to connect with all valued customers all over the world in which each of individual plays an important link in overall sustainable development.

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What is PP?
PP stands for Polypropylene is a polymer is produced by polymerization of propylene.
Chemical nomenclature: poly (1-methylethylene)
Other names: + Polypropylene; Polypropene;
+ Polipropene 25 [Usan]; Propene polymers;
+ Propylene polymers; 1-Propene homopolymer
Properties of PP
Molecular formula: (C3H6) x
Gravity: PP amorphous: 0.85 g / cm3
PP crystals: 0.95 g / cm3
Elongation: 250-700%
Tensile strength: 30-40 N / mm2
Impact property: 3:28 - 5.9 kJ / m2
Melting point: ~ 165 ° C
Characteristics of the PP
High mechanical durability (resistance to tear and tensile), relatively rigid, inflexible as PE, no stretching long thus made into fibers. Special abilities easily torn when there is a cut or a small puncture wound.
Transparent, high-gloss surface for enhanced printing capabilities, in clear strokes.
PP, colorless, tasteless, non doc.Hat PP with flame burning bright pale blue, plastic flow, smell rubber burning smell similar.
Resistant to temperatures higher than 100 ° C. However temperature solder paste eyelid (body) PP (140 °), higher than PE - flow can cause structural damage to the membrane transplantation outside, so are less likely to use PP layers of waterproofing properties cung.Co O2, steam, oil and other gases.
PP 330F
PP applications.
Packing a layer containing food preservatives, antioxidants do not require a rigorous way.
Forming fibers, woven into food containers, bulk grain.
PP also produce coatings for membranes laminated to increase membrane permeability gas, steam, enabling higher printing, and easy to tear open the packaging (made available due to a cut) and create high gloss for packaging.