Character on the plastic containers mean?

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Character on the plastic containers mean?


Have you ever drank a bottle of seeing the numbers on plastic containers, bottles and wonder what they mean? They are called SPI code and most of us use will not pay attention to those characters

Today plastic packaging products such as bottles and cans, boxes, bags ... was used very commonly to contain a wide variety of different products. Of particular importance, concerning our life is all kinds of plastic packaging and food containers, drinks, pharmaceuticals or other products directly related to human health. We should also learn to be able to prevent the situation undesirable toxicity, because the packaging is inappropriate use can cause.
The symbols on plastic containers has been the Industrial Association of Plastic Goods launched, the aim to facilitate the sorting of plastic packaging products for the recycling, as well as to use the suit contains all kinds of Products. 7 following symbols:
1. PET (PETE), polyethylene terephthalate
2. HDPE, high-density polyethylene
3. PVC, polyvinyl chloride
4. LDPE, low-density polyethylene
5. PP, polypropylene
6. PS, polystyrene
7. Other Resins
If the body or bottom of your bottle with the symbol HDP, HDPE, PP ... just relieved because without any toxic chemicals flowing out during use.

Please check the bottom of the bottle symbols.
Here, we'll give you a few symbols and their meanings, you refer to and choose to buy water bottle safety symbols offline.
PET or PETE symbol
This is the only sign of the type of bottle used only once, if continued use, risk inside them will flow heavy metals and chemicals affect the body's hormone balance.
In addition, bottles made of this material are very difficult to clean, easy born bacteria, in particular, can leach Polyethylene Terephthalates a carcinogen. Therefore, after use, you should throw away the water bottle with this symbol should not reuse offline.
HDP symbol or HDPE
La HDPE is hard plastic used to manufacture bottles, detergent containers, edible oil, toys and some plastic bags.
HDPE is one of the common types of plastic recycling and safest of all. This type of plastic bottle materials that experts recommend choices when buying.

Or HDPE HDP symbol safely reused.
PVC or 3V symbols
Stay away from all kinds of plastic bottles that the body has 2 symbols. If unfortunately used to, they will directly affect hormones in your body.
This is the kind of soft plastic, plastic is used as food packaging, toys and pets, pipes, spare parts for water pipes ... therefore very toxic.
For the safety of your health, say no to the water bottles and items with this symbol.
Symbol LDPE
Although not ooze any chemicals used in the process but not LDPE material used in the production of water bottles, plastic bags.
This resin was found in a fever detail in furniture, clothes or bags.

LPDE symbols not used in the production of water bottles.
Symbol PP
PP stands for polypropylene plastics name, hard plastic, is lightweight and has excellent heat resistance.
Barrels, plastic bottles, food containers, straws ... therefore, completely safe for you to recycle or use. Be secure when water bottles, your widgets are light symbols.
Symbol PS
Say no to plastic bottles, utensils made from this material PS.
Polystyrene is cheap plastic kind, capable of seeping carcinogens if you recycle used repeatedly. The use of one-time items are often made from plastic foam PS as shell, drinking glasses, coffee or fast food casings.

Say no to bottled water recycling symbols PS at the bottom.
Symbol PC or without symbols
PC (poly carbonate) this is the most dangerous type of plastic, easily generate carcinogens, infertility BPA. Absolutely no recycled water bottles when your body has the symbol of this PC.
For the safety of health, quickly check water bottles, plastic items before buying your used or recycled.